Gain Lean Muscle Mass

gaining muscles

Build is a site dedicated to sharing and helping many of you out there who want to learn how to gain lean muscle mass effectively and consistently. Regardless of whether you are an obese individual planning to shed some fats and start gaining muscle mass or a traditional hard gainer who simply wants to put on worthy weight, you can find useful tips and proven strategies here that will further your goals.

My Experience as a Skinny Hard gainer

Speaking from personal experience of a skinny hard gainer who has been training for 11 years, the first thing I would like all of you to understand is that hard gainers do exist. If you are one like myself and wish to learn how to gain lean muscle mass effectively, you need to understand that conventional dieting and training may not benefit us the way it does for many beautiful bodies out there.

I started strength and weight training in high school (at the time puberty and testosterone was most active). At the time I was religiously following the dieting and training methods used by the ripped and muscular bodies in my school gym. After 3 months some of my fellow gym mates gained a whopping 40 lbs. while I barely put on 20! The even more frustrating part was that they feasted on junk food from time to time while my discipline kept me on full check, rarely touching nachos if ever.

Taking things into perspective, I spent a significant amount of time researching and found that inherent genetic factors can affect us greatly when it comes to how to gain lean muscle mass. The most important factors that affect your muscle building are metabolism rates (both catabolic and anabolic). These also involve crucial factors like hormonal production such as testosterone and growth hormones that are not directly within our control. However, we can optimize these factors to the best of our genetic ability through training and the correct dieting system.

Get a Training Program for Hard gainers

In order for us to break through the hard gainer obstacle, its best to follow training programs that are catered and suited to teaching you how to gain lean muscle mass for skinny hard gainers. I’ve personally invested thousands over the years on supplements, weight dieting plans and training programs. For the same reasons most people will bother spending money on guides, I find it painfully hard to come up with a good training plan on my own. I would much

gaining muscles

Rather spend a little to learn from the best than waste precious time gathering bits and pieces of information. Among all of these I’ve found that a particular few stand out and have given me incredible muscle mass gaining results. Even more encouraging is the fact that these guides have tremendously well for several skinny people that I have been more here!

Hopefully by sharing with you the programs that worked for me, you will be able to save the thousands of dollars I could have.
Here’s an example of a good training guide that covers all the essential areas on how to gain lean muscle mass with skinny people. It also comes with great strategies and programs designed to help fat people lose weight and gain lean muscle mass.

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